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The Groundskeeper is a sturdy ATV trailer with a gross carrying capacity of 750kgs with wheels fitted to the outside of the chassis to provide a low floor level. The sturdy chassis is fully welded with folded steel side panels and then hot dipped galvanised to ensure maximum strength, durability and performance. The trailer is fitted with heavy duty Knott sealed bearing stub axles and 22 x 11 knobbly tyres providing a reliable  and robust combination. 
The trailer run bed is fitted with 1.5mm galvanised sheet steel for strong practical finish, a 50mm coupling and rear tailgate as standard.
Gross Carrying Capacity - 750kg
Weight - 200kg
Payload - 550kg
Load Length - 2500mm 
Load Width - 1250mm
Load Height - 355mm
Total Width - 
Total Height - 
Total Height - 
Wheels - 2
Suspension - N/A
Braked - No
PCD - 4 x 100"
Wheels - 22 x 11 
Coupling - 50mm Ball
Powder coated in black