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Graham Hathaway Racing are NTTA 5* accredited in trailer servicing and trailer repairs for all trailer makes including but not limited to:
Brian James, Ifor Williams, Debon, Maypole, Nugent, Tickners, Meredith & Eyre, Bateson, Brenderup, PRG, Lider, Apache, Boeckmann, Annsems, Wessex, Humbaur, and White

Our trailer servicing and repairs service centre is based in Maldon, Essex and we pride ourselves in our work and customer service.
Most importantly trailer safety is a priority and we offer advice and support to help our customers tow safely.
Furthermore our customers include commercial businesses, agriculture, private individuals, motorsport and events companies.

Trailer servicing costs from:

Single axle £100
Twin axle £140
Triple axle £180

This includes checking:
Brake system/running gear
Trailer lighting
Tyre condition
Coupling and overrun
Chassis general

If the trailer requires parts or repairs these will be charged extra to service price

At a minimum, we recommend the following service intervals: –
  • Every THREE MONTHS or 3000 miles (5000 km) – Commercial / industrial trailers with “intensive” usage, either by mileage towed or type of application. Also includes boat trailers that are regularly immersed in water (either salt or freshwater).
  • Every SIX MONTHS or 3000 miles (5000 km) – Commercial / industrial trailers with “average” use, either by mileage towed or type of application
  • Every TWELVE MONTHS or 6000 miles (10,000kms) – General private / leisure trailers. This would include horseboxes, general “tip run” trailers, camping trailers and the like.

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